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Portfolio: Drawings from my college years and beyond

A long, long time ago I did a little bit of college. In Sweden, University works differently, you don’t have math and English, unless those are the subjects you’re majoring in. I studied one semester of “Theater Science” at Stockholms Universitet and one semester of Ancient Culture Science at Uppsala Universitet. Then I moved to the USA to get an Associates Degree in Computer Arts. It was basically the same curriculum as the Graphic Design option, just maybe a few 3D rendering classes added to it.

I studied art history, drawing, life drawing (so careful scrolling down, some images are a tad bit NSFW!), 2D design, color studies, and more. Here is a collection of my drawings from college (and some from even before).

Ghandi | College | 24″x36″ | white pastel on black paper
Life drawing with red robe | College | 24″x36″ | Pastel on off-white paper
Marilyn Monroe | College | 24″x36″ | Pastel on black paper

Childhood friend | Highschool | 8″x8″ | Charcoal pencil on white paper

Samba perfume | Junior high | 24″x36″ | Pastel on off-white paper
3 vibrant bodies | College | 24″x36″ | Pastel on blue paper
Life drawing | College | 24″x36″ | Pastel on off-white paper
Fruit | I don’t remember if this is from junior high or college | 24″x36″ | Pastel on paper

Foot | College | 8×8″ | Charcoal

Foot | College | 8×8″ | Charcoal

Eye | College | 8×8″ | #2 Pencil

Pine cone | College | 8×8″ | Charcoal Pencil (darkened digitally)

about me

I am an experienced freelance graphic artist based in South Florida. With over 15 years in the graphic design field, I have worked for a diverse range of companies and clients. I specialize in print design (including package design, catalogs, flyers, business cards, collateral), as well as digital graphics (such as email marketing graphics, animated GIFs, landing page designs, web banners and more). My work is characterized by efficiently and successfully interpreting the request and translating it into a finished design. I am excited about the opportunity to work on new graphic design projects. If you’d like to work with me (or just say hello!), you can contact me at www.giddyhedgehog.com/contact.