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More Than Just a Coin: The Design Power of the Tooth Fairy’s Letters

I had the opportunity to sit in, watch, and take pictures while the tooth fairy created her letters for my kids.

First, she sketched a self portrait, scanned, and imported to Adobe Illustrator. Then she traced it in hot pink, then went through a couple different iterations of color choices. I think I like the green hair and purple clothing version best.

Actually, that not what the tooth fairy did at FIRST. I witnessed it myself. The tooth fairy tried to cheat and make illustrator auto trace the image, but as you can see above, that didn’t work very well. That’s why she had to go through all the trouble of tracing with pink bla bla bla.

After spending over an hour manually tracing that image, she took the black and white version and made it sort of like a letterhead signature that maybe is still sort of large enough for the kid to color. Why did she even bother with all the colors when she was going to use the black and white version? I don’t know! Tooth fairies must not be very smart!

If you’d like to purchase this tooth fairy letter, the tooth fairy has graciously allowed me to sell it in my shop here.


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