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Make learning Swedish fun with coloring pages

Immerse yourself in the Swedish language and culture as you trace the words to learn new Swedish vocabulary, adding a fun and educational twist to your coloring experience. These pages are ideal for learning activities like the Countries of the World, offering insights into Sweden and its language. Looking for more Swedish-inspired printable resources? Dive deeper into my collection for an array of delightful surprises!

påskägg (Easter egg)

March 2024 word of the month

You get two words for the price of one this month, since Swedes are fans of making one word out of what in English might be two. Påsk means Easter and ägg can mean both singular egg and plural eggs, it’s the same word. Ett ägg (one egg), flera ägg (several eggs). I happened to have some Easter egg illustrations from some years ago, so I dusted them off and turned them into the March word of the month tracing/coloring page just in time for Easter.

Groda (frog)

February 2024 word of the month

This Swedish frog coloring page came about as the word of the month for leap year 2024. It’s also perfect for an activity for Swedish midsummer, as there’s a traditional Swedish song called Små grodorna (small frogs) that is typically sung during midsummer celebrations, when people dance like frogs hopping around the midsummer May pole.

fe (Fairy)

This Swedish fairy coloring page was given to me by the tooth fairy when she was in the process of writing a letter to my kids.

sjöjungfru (mermaid)

This Swedish mermaid coloring page should really be called Danish, because Hans Christian Andersen was Danish, right? Danish and Swedish are very closely related and many words are similar. Unfortunately this coloring page won’t help you with learning the Danish word for mermaid, because I just looked it up on google translate and other than the word fru, it is not similar at all (havfrue). In Swedish, hav means ocean and fru means lady. The Swedish word Sjöjungfru broken down is sjö (sea) jungfru (maiden).


This Swedish Saint Lucia coloring page isn’t technically a word, it’s a name of a saint and the popular Swedish holiday on December 13. This coloring page pack comes with a couple different pages for other words relevant to this holiday (star boy, bridesmaids, and Lucia train/procession.

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